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Karlovy Vary600 01

Duration: 10 hours

Price for group tours: 35 Euro/person

The tour includes a trip to Krušovice brewery

The Spa–town Carlsbad (Czech: Karlovy Vary) was founded 600 years ago. It is located near the Germany border, in one of the most picturesque places of West Bohemia. Low House - Hotels and sanatoriums are located in the Valley of the Doupov Mountains, dressed by dense forests. The main streets of the city follow the curves formed by the passage of the river Tepla. The name of the river comes from the word “warm”. The water in the River at significant length is really warm, because it is heated up her hot Carlsbad springs. The old, romantic legend about the origin of Carlsbad says that deer escaping from hunters brought the king, Czech Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. to the hot springs. Of course, in the legend there is more fiction and fantasy. Historical facts suggests that King Charles IV. himself was treated by water of mineral springs, which knew the Slavic tribes lodging along the Bank of the Ohře River, blockade the city in the 16th century. Total number of registered springs in and around Carlsbad are 132, including those that have ceased to exist. At the present time in Carlsbad, there are about 60 hot springs that are currently in use. Guests coming for treatment use 12 of them. Springs differ from each other in a temperature, content of dissolved carbon and oxygen CO2 and in the productivity.